Early Detection Saves Lives

Ribbons have become a popular means of expressing awareness of, and association with, certain causes; Cancer among them! There are dozens of types of cancer. Most have their own color ribbon.

The Lavender ribbon represents All Cancers. Others are: Gold for Childhood Cancer, Pink for Breast Cancer and Green for Liver Cancer.

List of All Cancer Ribbons
Detecting cancer early

Many types of cancer are detected at an advanced stage, when treatment options are limited and prognosis is poor. Being able to detect cancers early can substantially improve survival. When cancer is detected at the earliest stages, treatment is more effective and survival drastically improves. Yet ~50% of cancers are still only detected at an advanced stage. Improved earlier detection of cancer could substantially increase survival rates.

Cancer is a major global public health problem; there were 10 million deaths from cancer worldwide in 2020. It is the second leading cause of death globally, causing one in six deaths. For nearly all cancers, the chances of survival increase significantly if the disease is detected, diagnosed, and treated at an early stage
~ Science.org